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HackDavis is the largest collegiate hackathon in California where over 700 students, creators, and leaders come together for 24 hours to create for social good.

create for social good

With the rapid advancement of technology, it is important to use its power in ways that benefit society. HackDavis challenges its participants to create for social good, and create an opportunity for us to explore the intersection between technology and society.

24 hours140+ projects700+ hackers$15,000+ prizesView 2022 Winners
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Team Descriptions

  • Are you interested in web development with a desire to learn and collaborate with a team of developers? If you have a foundation in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and/or React.js and are eager to expand your skill set, join the Technical team! As a Technical Director, you will get the chance to collaborate with a team of developers to create and maintain the website and web applications, participate in code review sessions, and offer creative solutions.

    Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    Familiarity with React.js is a plus.
    Strong desire to learn and grow in the field of web development.
    Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
    Ability to work well in a team and take constructive feedback positively.
    Passion for technology and a proactive approach to keeping up with industry trends.

    Why Join Us:
    Opportunity to work on diverse and exciting web development projects.
    Gain hands-on experience and improve your technical skills.
    Collaborate with a team of motivated developers.
    Add impressive projects to your resume.
    Create valuable connections in the tech industry.
    Personal and professional growth in a student-run organization.

  • As an Operations Director, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth execution of our initiatives. Your quick decision-making, organization, and responsibility will shine as you tackle challenges head-on. You'll be a key communicator and leader, working closely with the team and being ready to learn and develop organizational skills as you contribute to the success of one of the biggest hackathons in California.

    Strong organizational skills with a passion for attention to detail.
    Quick decision-making abilities, particularly in high-pressure situations.
    A proactive and responsible approach to tackling challenges with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and grow.
    Thrive in a team setting, fostering a spirit of collaboration and mutual support.
    Excellent communication skills.
    A passion for learning and developing organizational and leadership skills.

  • As a Marketing Director, you will be right at the heart of our marketing efforts, leveraging your creative thinking, organization, responsibility, and time management skills to help us engage our audience and promote our initiatives effectively. Collaboration with fellow team members and other departments is a key aspect of this role.

    Enthusiasm for marketing and a strong desire to learn and grow in the field.
    Creative mindset with the ability to think strategically.
    Strong organizational skills and a high level of responsibility.
    Effective time management abilities.
    Basic understanding of social media platforms and their dynamics.

    Bonus Skills:
    Prior experience in social media advertising is a plus.
    Photography skills are a bonus, to generate better quality content for all events including the Day of Event hackathon

  • As a Sponsorship Director, you will take the lead in securing vital sponsorships, relying on your confidence and quick thinking to engage potential partners. Your knack for negotiation, proactive approach, and talent for relationship building will be instrumental in fueling our initiatives.

    Confidence and an ability to think on your feet in negotiations.
    A natural talent for building and maintaining relationships.
    Proactive mindset, always on the lookout for new sponsorship opportunities.
    Strong organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple sponsorship commitments efficiently.
    A genuine desire to learn and adapt, exploring new outreach and networking strategies.

  • As a Finance Director, you will play a vital role in managing our finances, ensuring the sustainability of our initiatives. Your passion and interest in budgeting, financial planning, and fundraising, combined with your outstanding communication skills, will drive our financial success. Your can-do attitude will be an invaluable asset as you contribute to HackDavis' growth.

    Strong financial acumen with an interest in budgeting and financial planning.
    Good understanding of cash flow management and financial forecasting.
    Fundraising experience or a willingness to learn and engage with donors and sponsors effectively.
    Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal.
    A can-do attitude, with the ability to adapt and excel in a fast-paced environment.

  • As our External Affairs Director, you'll be the representative of HackDavis to external organizations, showcasing your organizational skills and enthusiastic demeanor. Your attention to detail, communication skills, and talent for relationship building will play a vital role in coordinating the workshops and events.

    Spearhead the planning and execution of external events, demonstrating your organizational skills and attention to detail.
    A proactive and personable demeanor, radiating energy and enthusiasm.
    Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
    Confidence in connecting with diverse groups and individuals.
    Initiative to learn and develop organizational and communication skills.
    Outreach to clubs on-campus, students and alumni, and off-campus industry leaders; being able to network and foster meaningful connections
    Familiarity with HackDavis or hackathons is preferred but not mandatory.

  • Are you a creative, innovative, and proactive designer with a passion for human-centered design? Join the Design team and help us create brand-consistent, minimal, and aesthetically pleasing designs that captivate and excite our audience. Your creative talent will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of HackDavis. We are looking for talented individuals to join our design team in various roles:

    Brand Designer:
    Craft the brand identity for the Hackathon season.
    Storytelling and experimental design.
    Proficiency in illustration using Figma and Adobe Illustrator.

    Product Designer:
    Design products that aim to delight and leave an impression, including apparel, stickers, and branded items.
    Detail-oriented with a focus on product specs.
    Conduct market research to inform design decisions.

    Content Designer:
    Create eye-catching, compelling content for social media and printed flyers.
    Deep understanding of the audience.
    Attention to detail to ensure engaging visuals.

    UI Designer:
    Design beautiful and intuitive web experiences that bring joy to users.
    Focus on responsive design and intuitive user experiences.
    Proficiency in wireframing and creating delightful web interfaces.


  • A hackathon is where you transform your crazy ideas into real projects. Hundreds of students from across California form teams around an idea and collaboratively create technical solutions to problems we face in our local communities. These ideas turn into websites, mobile apps, hardware, and more!

    Join HackDavis to make some of the most imaginative projects alongside fellow creators! You take care of building and we'll take care of you.

    We will be following the HackDavis Rules & Policies, and MLH's Code Of Conduct.

  • HackDavis is open to all undergraduate and graduate students from all majors and all schools, and graduates who have completed their degrees within the past year. We are also open to high school students above the age of 18. As long as you're prepared to learn, brainstorm, and bring life to projects, we welcome you to join us!

  • Nope! Coming in, you do not need to know how to code, but you have to be willing to learn! HackDavis is proud to be a beginner-focused hackathon, and we welcome hackers from all experience levels and backgrounds - over 40% of our hackers are beginners! HackDavis is the perfect time and place to learn new skills - we host beginner-friendly workshops and our mentors provide guidance to help you build something you can be proud of.

  • Teams can have up to four members, and submit a single project together! Want to go solo? Fine by us, but we'd highly recommend joining a team to make new friends, bounce ideas off one another,and bring your ideas to life!

  • HackDavis is largely built upon the efforts of our mentors and volunteers, who ensure that our hackers have a great experience at our event! Our mentor and volunteer applications will open in late April, so keep an eye out! If you're interested in making a tax-deductible contribution to HackDavis, please get in touch at [email protected]

  • We want our attendees to create projects with a meaningful impact and hope to foster a community dedicated to social change. We find that most hackathons often don't result in projects as practical solutions to specific societal problems and we're looking to change that.

  • You can build whatever your heart desires, whether it's a web app, mobile app, hardware hack, open source tool, or even a simple website! Any social good oriented project is recommended. Our main focus is to provide you a learning experience where you can have fun, ask questions, and experiment with technology.

  • Worry not! We will host a series of mixers before HackDavis, so check out our social media for announcements about those as we get closer to the event. We'll also have a final mixer right after hacking starts during HackDavis, so we'll make sure you're equipped and ready to go!

    Our non-profit partners, sponsors, and mentors are always here at the event to help you brainstorm and ideate if you don't have an idea!

  • Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. HackDavis is free for all admitted participants, so don't sweat it! We will provide your WiFi, meals, caffeine, swag, and workspace for the entire weekend.

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