Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season
Open Positions

External Affairs

Coordinate and develop partnership strategy for non-profits and attending hackers.
Event coordination and partnership experience preferred


Creative thinking, new ways to market and get new crowds
Prefer a little design experience
Active on social medias


Design the new HackDavis 2018 brand
This includes website design, logo, any banner or marketing graphics that we need.
Have experience in designing throughout a full project/product, or is willing to learn and contribute a lot of time for HackDavis.


Make and pitch sponsorship package.
Email/Phone outreach to hundreds of sponsors.
Go to networking events, talk to recruiters, hiring managers, directors, etc.


Cash in checks.
Manage student account.
Make invoices.
Apply for grants.
Manage reimbursements for participants, venues, etc.
Detailed bookkeeping.


Planning and setting up the venue, (essentially day-of-event planning).
Floor layout, power distribution, A/V, Wi-fi & networking, event planning.
Getting quotes from multiple vendors and selecting the vendor that suits our needs.
Looking for someone who is a problem solver and passionate about learning new things.


Maintain and update HackDavis website + codebase
Make live hackathon website
Create useful scripts and automate the other team roles :-)